To move forward, organizations and communities need energy, passion and shared goals.  Yet, that alone is not enough to ensure that today’s hopes   become tomorrow’s reality.  That requires leadership.  Some leaders are born.  Most leaders are made.  In Brevard, they’re made at LEAD Brevard.  Our mission is simple; to develop and engage leaders to achieve a preferred future. Implementing the initiatives, programs and events to ensure that goal is met is not. 

LEAD Brevard depends on members, corporations and other friends to generate the resources to fund strategic initiatives that advance leadership through development programs and events that make connections between leaders.  We do this to achieve our mission to enhance leadership development for all sectors in Brevard through educational programs  that benefit those who lead, serve and support our community.  We invite your consideration of support for LEAD Brevard.  Thank you for your commitment to LEAD Brevard. 

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